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Simply Enjoying Our Stepfamily

On this National Stepfamily Day, I simply enjoyed our stepfamily. I did all my usual daily activities: praying, writing, cooking breakfast, and homeschooling. After lunch, I baked some chocolate chip cookies. Although I started to make the cookies just because, they...

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Resources for Creators

Writing for You and Your Audience

Do you write in secret? Perhaps you have journaled for as long as you can remember but have never shared your writing with anyone else. Did you know that you can write effectively for both you and an audience? Many individuals write for themselves—and that’s great!...

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Connecting with Your Audience

Congratulations on securing a speaking engagement! Now it’s time to think about your audience. The following suggestions will help you connect with the individuals who need to hear your message. Get to know your audience prior to the event. Are you speaking to just...

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Giving Thanks for the Treasure of a Teacher

I recently attended a retirement celebration in honor of one of my favorite teachers from middle school. What this man taught me in a Czech language class affected my path in life in ways I never imagined. Along this journey, I have come to understand who I am and...

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Remembering the Fight for Freedom

Observing special days can remind us of what has happened in the past, as well as guide our efforts now and in the future. On Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. Reflecting on how they bravely fought...

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