Trusting God in the Change

The loud, grating noise outside drew my focus from the task at hand. Someone was trimming the trees behind the brick wall at the edge of our property. The job took only a few minutes, and then all was quiet again. But things were not the same. I stared in shock and disappointment at the […]

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Get Ready for Change

Blank To Do List with Pencil on Wooden Table

The Lord’s prompting came one day while I was vacuuming my house. “Get things in order for the new season to come.” Suddenly, my “to do” list took on a greater meaning and a sense of urgency. This was not the first time God had let me know of change on the way. He graciously […]

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Let Your Words Be Heard

Abstract word cloud for Public speaking with related tags and terms

Would you like to share what you write with more people? You can through public speaking. Wherever you are in your writing journey, speaking can take you to a whole new level by expanding the audience for your messages. Below are tips to help you build a speaking ministry, so your words can be heard […]

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Praying for a Baby


Nearly a decade ago, I said a very special prayer for the children I hope to have one day. I laid one had on my belly and raised the other one toward heaven. “Lord, thank you for giving me the desires of my heart.” I continue to pray for my babies to this day, as […]

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Can I Handle This?

You can do it written on wooden frame, close-up

From time to time, we all experience anxiety marked by doubt, fear, or nervousness about something that may or may not happen in the future. This natural reaction is common when entering a different season in life (e.g., college, marriage, parenthood, etc.), starting a new job, and waiting for the results of medical tests. Usually, […]

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What a Life-Changing Day


I had waited practically my whole life to get married. Shortly after I turned thirty-seven, my special day finally arrived. What a life-changing day! Marriage affects every aspect of our life, and adjusting to all the change takes time and effort. In the first year, I learned some valuable lessons that will surely continue to […]

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When the Pain Goes Away

Ragazza solitaria nel bosco

“When will the pain go away?” The orthopedic surgeon had probably heard my question from each of his patients. He spoke confidently from experience. “One year.” February 19, 2016, marked one year from the day I fell at home and broke my right wrist. I felt excruciating pain those first few days and the week […]

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The Power of a Question

Question mark

Have you ever noticed how powerful a question can be? A question can elicit more than just a response containing helpful information. An inquiry can prompt self-examination and draw out deep things within a person’s heart. Asking also demonstrates respect for people and encourages people to engage. According to the Bible, Jesus often posed questions. […]

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Keeping Family Gatherings Festive

zwei freundinnen haben spa an weihnachten

Festivities often fill the winter holiday season. Families gather to give thanks over a bountiful meal, celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and welcome the New Year. How wonderful it is when excitement and joy permeate the atmosphere! Sometimes, however, we may find ourselves wondering about what’s happening and what we are doing […]

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Our Words Matter

You Can Help Concept

Years ago, my heart broke upon hearing that a relative had spoken unkindly to another member of my family.  I knew how badly those words could damage my loved one’s soul.  I felt completely helpless at the time, so I prayed.  “God, how can I stop this person from saying such hurtful words?”   “You […]

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