Let Your Words Be Heard

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Would you like to share what you write with more people? You can through public speaking. Wherever you are in your writing journey, speaking can take you to a whole new level by expanding the audience for your messages. Below are tips to help you build a speaking ministry, so your words can be heard […]

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Writing No Matter What

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If you have ever tried to write, you have likely experienced writer’s block at some point. You may be familiar with some of the internal and external causes of this troubling condition, as well as how to push past them so you can come up with creative ideas, precise words, and original work. But are […]

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Letter Writing–Much More Than a Day or a Profession

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Did you know there is a Compliment Day (January 24), an International Joke Day (July 1), and even an Ask a Stupid Question Day (September 28)? Well, I used to ask why we have days for all these random things until recently, when I discovered a day designated for something that mattered to me. December […]

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Writing for You and Your Audience

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Do you write in secret? Perhaps you have journaled for as long as you can remember but have never shared your writing with anyone else. Did you know that you can write effectively for both you and an audience? Many individuals write for themselves—and that’s great! Writing can help you remember important information, process difficult […]

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The Break that Prepares Writers to Write Well

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Writers write all the time, right? No, not all the time. Good writers occasionally put down their pens and step away from their computers. We take breaks to eat, sleep, work—and attend writing conferences. Although conferences draw us away from our writing for a while, they also send us back equipped and inspired to write […]

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What to Consider Before Submitting a Grant Proposal

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If you envision helping others, you probably know that financial support is vital to achieving your dream. Perhaps you desire to provide food for families in need or special educational programs for teens. If you are thinking about submitting a grant proposal for funding, here are seven things to consider. 1.     Have you established a […]

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