Speaking Topics

Following are some of my most requested speaking topics:

Beloved, You Are Beautiful*
Do you ever feel flawed? If you want to run and hide when compared with others, don’t. You are unique—made to be different. Discover the freedom in being you, so you can go forth and be who you are—beautiful.

Called to Write
Writing is more than a hobby; it’s a sacred, lifelong calling. Learn how to recognize your unique calling and move forward, impacting others with your written words.

Gifted and Talented on Purpose*
Have you considered what comes naturally to you? Everyone is good at something. You are gifted on purpose, for a purpose. Dig up the hidden talent that lies within you and start using your gifts to accomplish great things.

Help, I’m Hurting!: Hope for Healing
We all face difficult situations in life: disappointments, illness, loss, and rejection. When we’re hurting, there is hope for comfort and healing. Discover the real help that is available to soothe your aching body, heart, and mind.

Living Well So You Can Work Well
We all have a job to do. Our work often isn’t done well, if at all, when we’re hurting, sick, or tired. Learn practical tips that will equip and motivate you to live well, so you can work well.

Speaking for Writers*
Would you like to take your writing to a whole new level? You can through speaking. Discover the connection between speaking and writing, how to maximize speaking opportunities near you, and tips for speaking well.

Speak Up: A Voice Set Free
Of all creation, only people have the ability to communicate in words. Yet, speaking is most people’s greatest fear. Whether you are a writer, leader, or the neighbor next door, you have something to say. Hear how to overcome the hindrances that silence you, and get ready to speak up!

Turning Data into Fundraising Communications*
Non-profit organizations are storehouses of data. Bits and pieces of information may seem irrelevant on their own, but they can be significant—especially when connected together. Learn how to uncover and utilize the information you have and need to create effective fundraising communications that help achieve your organization’s goals.

Wife, Mother, Writer, Speaker…How Do You Do It?
Our calling in life is often greater than we first realized. God may have called you to be a wife and a mother as well as to use your unique gifts to serve others. Come be encouraged and equipped to do all God has called you to do.

Write, Write, Write
Perhaps you want to write a book, pen a powerful testimony to share with others, or create an inspirational message for a close friend. Allow these practical words of wisdom to increase your knowledge and writing skills. Then see what unfolds as you write, write, write.

Note: All of the speaking topics listed above can be adapted for a timeframe ranging from 30-60 minutes. Speaking topics marked with an asterisk (*) can be combined with hands-on activities for a two- to three-hour workshop.


In addition, I offer the following special events for groups:

Come Recline at the Table
Have the cares of this world weighed you down? Do you feel weak, weary, or wounded? Perhaps, you desire a deeper relationship with the Lord, increased faith, and renewed strength. If so, this creative encounter/retreat will refresh your body, soul, and spirit. Come feast on God’s Word, good food, inspiring activities, and lasting communication.

Note: The minimum length of time for this encounter/retreat is five hours.


Healing One Step at a Time Bible Study
Healing One Step at a Time
Are you struggling with disappointment, emotional pain, or physical illness? Do you need hope, healing, and refreshment? If so, join others in this ten-week Bible study. You will find encouragement and strength to move forward on your journey to health and wholeness—one step at a time.

Note: Each Bible study class includes a 45-minute teaching. An additional 45 minutes is recommended for discussion and prayer. The study may be held on a weekly or monthly basis.


Flippin_Creative Writing Workshop_112010
Holiday Greeting Cards
Are you looking for an educational and fun activity for your children to do while you clean the house, relax, or prepare for special holidays? Children of all ages enjoy this seasonal creative writing workshop. In addition to learning about greeting cards, participants will have the opportunity to make their very own—just in time for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, or another holiday of your choice.

Note: Holiday greeting card workshops can range from 30 minutes to three hours in length.


If you would like me to speak at your event or host one of my special events in your home, church, or at an events facility, please contact me.