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Michelle speaks to diverse audiences, ranging from students and leaders to women and writers. She has reached thousands through classes, conferences, meetings, women’s retreats, and worship services.

People describe her messages as authentic, life-changing, polished, timely, and uplifting.

Michelle’s Bio

Michelle Marie Hernandez is a writer, speaker, artist and the founder of Abiding Communications. She endeavors to nourish, heal, and inspire people so they too can fulfill their calling. She accomplishes this using her creative gifts and wisdom from her own journey.

Michelle has more than 20 years of professional communications experience and extensive training in ministry. She earned bachelor’s degrees in arts and business administration, both with honors, from The University of Texas at Austin in 2000. She graduated as valedictorian from Taylor High School in 1996.

Like her Creator, Michelle enjoys creating a variety of beautiful works. She writes articles, Bible studies, books, devotionals, and development communications. She serves businesses, churches, hospitals, individuals, and other non-profit organizations.

Michelle lives in the greater Houston area and retreats to the Texas countryside. She enjoys creating art, cooking, gardening, reading, spending time with her family and friends, and walking outdoors. She is dedicated to fulfilling her calling as a wife, mother, writer, speaker, artist, and entrepreneur.


Photos of Michelle

Help for the hurting, a journal for people with autoimmune conditions
michelle marie hernandez

Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics for Healing

Beloved, You Are Beautiful*

Do you ever feel flawed? If you want to run and hide when compared with others, don’t. You are unique and made to be different. Discover the freedom in being you, so you can go forth and be who you are—beautiful. 

Help, I’m Hurting! — Hope for Healing

We all face difficult situations in life: disappointments, illness, loss, and rejection. When we’re hurting, there is hope for comfort and healing. Discover the real help that is available to soothe your aching body, heart, and mind.

Living Well So You Can Work Well

We all have a job to do. Our work often isn’t done well, if at all, when we’re hurting, sick, or tired. Learn practical tips that will equip and motivate you to live well, so you can work well. 

Speaking Topics for Creators

Art in Your Heart*

Do you sense there is art in your heart? Let’s take some time to draw out what God knit within you. Begin to see the handmade as very good and press past what hinders you from creating works of art.

Called to Write

Writing is more than a hobby; it’s a sacred, lifelong calling. Learn how to recognize your unique calling and move forward, impacting others with your written words.

Gifted and Talented on Purpose

Have you considered what comes naturally to you? Everyone is good at something. You are gifted on purpose, for a purpose. Dig up the hidden talent that lies within you and start using your gifts to accomplish great things.

Speaking for Writers*

Would you like to take your writing to a whole new level? You can through speaking. Discover the connection between speaking and writing, how to maximize speaking opportunities near you, and tips for speaking well.

Speak Up: A Voice Set Free

Of all creation, only people have the ability to communicate in words. Yet, speaking is most people’s greatest fear. Whether you are a writer, leader, or the neighbor next door, you have something to say. Hear how to overcome the hindrances that silence you and get ready to speak up!

Turning Data into Development Communications*

Homes and non-profit organizations are storehouses of data. Bits and pieces of information may seem irrelevant on their own, but they can be significant—especially when connected together. Learn how to uncover and utilize the information you have and need to create effective development communications that help achieve your vision.

Wife, Mother, Writer, Speaker…How Do You Do It?

Our calling in life is often greater than we first realized. God may have called you to be a wife and a mother as well as to use your unique gifts to serve others. Come be encouraged and equipped to do all God has called you to do.

Write, Write, Write

Perhaps you want to write a book, pen a powerful testimony to share with others, or create an inspirational message for a close friend. Allow these practical words of wisdom to increase your knowledge and writing skills. Then see what unfolds as you write, write, write.

* These speaking topics can be presented as workshops with hands-on activities.

Michelle’s Interviews

Michelle has had the privilege of being interviewed on several podcasts and You Tube channels. Listen or watch Michelle’s interviews HERE.

What People Are Saying

“I realized the first time I heard Michelle teach that her ability to communicate and get the message across was not limited to words on a piece of paper; it was right there live and in person. She stood confidently in front of the class, explaining difficult concepts and guiding people into deeper relationships with the Creator of the Universe. She helped change their lives. Witnessing her beauty and how freely she shared her gifts and talents helped me to embrace my calling as a teacher.”

– Lupe Tyler, friend and former colleague

“Michelle is a highly effective communicator and leader who employs practical and relevant wisdom that not only sets captives free, but also helps to heal life’s hurts, wounds, and disappointments.”

—Renee Branson, ordained minister on staff at Lakewood Church and director of Mountain Top Ministries

“The work of Michelle’s hands and mouth for the Kingdom of God are powerful, uplifting, and definitely thought-provoking. She inspires all of us to be “healed” and to be “healers” of one another by living our lives in such a way that the world will know the One who is truly the Great Physician, Jesus. Michelle’s sincerity of heart shines through all her words of wisdom!”

—Rev. Linda V. Chandler, pastor of Austin Brethren Church and founder/CEO of HOST Ministries


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