Resources for Families

Living with an autoimmune condition can present unique challenges for you and your family. But be encouraged. You can still have a healthy, growing family.

I learned an important key in the first year following my diagnosis of an undifferentiated connective tissue disease. If I wanted to take care of the family I longed to have someday, I had to begin by taking care of me. I was the start—and a very integral part—of my family to come.

Resources for families

Now, over a decade later, I have a bigger, blended family. When I married my husband, I took on the role of stepmother and grandmother. And after pressing through fertility issues month after month, I finally conceived a child of my own. My husband and I still dream of adding more children to our family.

So, how does someone with an autoimmune condition navigate the roads families travel? With help! Help from the Lord, help from family and friends, and help from others in our community.

Every family is important and unique. I am pleased to share with you some resources from my own journey that may help your family. Feel free to use what applies to you and invite others to use what may apply to them.

Blog Articles for Families

Janice Thompson Shares About Baking with Food Allergies

My friend Janice, an author and baker, is allergic to pumpkin and ginger among other foods. I asked Janice how these food allergies have impacted her baking endeavors. She shared some insightful stories and tips from her journey in "Baking with Food Allergies:...

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Staying United When Allergies Impact Your Marriage

I thought I had ruined a romantic moment recently when my husband asked if he could light a candle while I was cooking breakfast. I quickly said, "I am allergic to soy, and most candles irritate my throat and make me cough." You can read what happened next in my...

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Simply Enjoying Our Stepfamily

On this National Stepfamily Day, I simply enjoyed our stepfamily. I did all my usual daily activities: praying, writing, cooking breakfast, and homeschooling. After lunch, I baked some chocolate chip cookies. Although I started to make the cookies just because, they...

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History of Abiding Communications

For 13 years, I have been doing business as Abiding Communications. Abiding Communications represents more than a business name. These visionary words stem from the truth Jesus spoke in John 15:5 (NKJV) of the Bible: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides...

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Blog Articles

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Building a Busines from Home

Having an autoimmune condition can affect your ability to work. But with some adjustments, you can succeed in using your abilities to serve others in meaningful ways. You may even find that these changes bring more freedom, fulfillment, and income than you ever imagined.

Some people with autoimmune conditions shift from working full-time in an office to working part-time from home. This can lessen the pressures that often come with commuting and working within set hours, schedules, and surroundings. The flexibility gained can enhance your health and well-being. You get to establish the calendar, environment, and goals that work best for you and your family.

An increasing number of options for home businesses exist. You can choose one or more that best suits your lifestyle and talents. Below are some suggestions.

Arts and Crafts

Are you creative? Do you draw, paint, sew, or do woodwork? You can turn your creative hobby into a small business that earns income for you and your family. Selling your handmade arts and crafts online or in person at artisans’ markets can bless others and greatly encourage you.

Children’s Books

Do you like children’s book and reading? Usborne Books & More offers a wonderful and flexible business opportunity for people who desire to advance literacy. By sharing books and educational products for children as an independent consultant, you can earn commission, free and discounted books, and trips. You can get creative with in-person and online book fairs, fundraisers, and parties. To learn more about building your own children’s book business from home, visit Michelle’s e-commerce site. 

Freelance Writing

Do you like to journal or share your thoughts and stories with others? You may be a writer! Many avenues exist for freelance writers. These include writing articles, blog posts, books, devotionals, grants, letters, marketing copy, reports, and more.

You can find tips on building a business from home at Resources for Creators.