Not long after fully surrendering my life to Jesus Christ, I responded to His call to share with others the message of hope through writing, speaking, and teaching. Doors had opened for me to teach adult Bible studies at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. I had worked with one minister to ghostwrite teaching curriculum and was assisting another minister with writing and editing her first non-fiction book. In August 2007, Lakewood Church hired me as Assistant Director of Data Services to create a department-wide manual, develop and implement a staff training program, and strengthen the team’s communications.

I had discovered my purpose and was well on my way to achieving it when a physical illness threatened to stop me. After years of intermittent symptoms and countless doctors’ appointments, a rheumatologist diagnosed the sudden onset of pain, fatigue, and muscle weakness in 2007 as a connective tissue disease, an autoimmune condition similar to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

I could have accepted the prognosis of a condition that would only get worse, but because of my faith in Christ, I hoped for a better outcome. Over the years since then, I’ve experienced emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that I didn’t even know I needed. I’ve come to realize how important our health and well-being are to fulfilling our destiny. I love sharing my testimony of healing with others. I’m also compelled to share the wisdom I’ve gained on how to obtain healing and promote healing in the lives of those we interact with every day.

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“Michelle is a highly effective communicator and leader who employs practical and relevant wisdom that not only sets captives free but also helps to heal life’s hurts, wounds, and disappointments. She inspired many as she courageously navigated through one of the most difficult and challenging seasons of her own life, beautifully demonstrating the process of believing God and acting on His Word. She continues to motivate and mentor others walking through the battles of life.”
– Renee Branson, ordained minister on staff at Lakewood Church and director of Mountain Top Ministries


“Since Michelle first came to my church in 2010, I have watched her story unfold. I know few people her age who have experienced such a difficult physical journey. However, Michelle’s story is not centered on the connective tissue disease that has caused her extreme pain and fatigue but on how God worked a determination in her to triumph over this autoimmune condition rather than drown in self-pity. Through extensive research and revelation from God on how to stay well, she has achieved the impossible and today maintains an active writing and speaking career. Her story is amazing—well worth being recorded for those on a similarly difficult journey. Michelle is proof that we can live fulfilling and rewarding lives to the glory of God despite chronic illness.”
– Kathy Zrubek, Bible study teacher and associate teaching director of Community Bible Study in Taylor