I have always loved reading. But in 2004, I realized I had not read enough of what became the most important book in my life—the Bible. Healing began to take place as I read and abided in the life-changing and life-giving words of the Bible.

Not long after, I responded to God’s call to write and speak. Doors had opened for me to teach adult Bible studies at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. I had written some teaching curriculum for a minister and was editing a book for another minister. In August 2007, I had taken on a new assignment as Assistant Director of Data Services at Lakewood Church. I was helping to oversee daily operations and enhance the team’s communications by creating a written manual and a training program.

I had discovered my purpose and was well on my way to achieving it when a physical illness threatened to stop me. I had experienced intermittent symptoms over the years, but in 2007, I faced a sudden onset of extreme pain, fatigue, and muscle weakness. A rheumatologist diagnosed my condition as an undifferentiated connective tissue disease, which can develop into a more specific autoimmune disease like lupus. Other diagnoses soon followed including allergies, anxiety, fertility issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I could have accepted the prognosis of a condition that would only get worse, but because of my faith in Jesus Christ, I hoped for a better outcome. I took steps forward and became strengthened instead of disabled. I experienced emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that I didn’t even know I needed. I finally realized how important my well-being is to fulfilling my destiny.

I love telling others about my journey to better health. I feel compelled to share the wisdom I have gained about healing and spiritual growth. I hope my story helps promote the well-being of others, so we can all mature and function as God designed us to.

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“Michelle is a highly effective communicator and leader who employs practical and relevant wisdom that not only sets captives free but also helps to heal life’s hurts, wounds, and disappointments. She inspired many as she courageously navigated through one of the most difficult and challenging seasons of her own life, beautifully demonstrating the process of believing God and acting on His Word. She continues to motivate and mentor others walking through the battles of life.”
– Renee Branson, ordained minister on staff at Lakewood Church and director of Mountain Top Ministries


“The work of Michelle’s hands and mouth for the Kingdom of God are powerful, uplifting, and definitely thought-provoking. She inspires all of us to be “healed” and to be “healers” of one another by living our lives in such a way that the world will know the One who is truly the Great Physician, Jesus. Michelle’s sincerity of heart shines through all her words of wisdom!”
– Rev. Linda V. Chandler, pastor of Austin Brethren Church and founder/CEO of HOST Ministries


“Michelle’s anointed teaching gave me the tools I needed to heal and overcome hindrances in my life.”
– student from Lakewood Church Bible study