The Break that Prepares Writers to Write Well
Michelle Marie Hernandez
August 13, 2014
The Break that Prepares Writers to Write Well

Write Sign, Love for Writing, for writers and authors.Writers write all the time, right? No, not all the time. Good writers occasionally put down their pens and step away from their computers. We take breaks to eat, sleep, work—and attend writing conferences.

Although conferences draw us away from our writing for a while, they also send us back equipped and inspired to write better.

At conferences, we learn how to improve our creative skills, but that’s not all. We also learn about our audiences, characters, dialogue, genres, plots, and subtitles. We discover the publishing industry and our need to become marketers as well as writers.

Writing conferences assure us that we are not alone, even though we spend countless hours by ourselves. Lots of other writers remain committed to this special calling. Listening to their challenges and successes and sharing our own helps all of us navigate the ups and downs of the writing journey.

Many writing conferences present opportunities to connect with agents, editors, and seasoned authors. In addition to teaching workshops, these individuals often provide critiques of manuscripts, one-on-one meetings, and answers to frequently asked questions. The connections and expert feedback are well worth the conference registration fee and any traveling costs.

Some conferences include writing contests. The scores and comments from the experienced judges who evaluate our entries can help us take our writing to the next level. Winning entries can enhance our portfolios and our pocketbooks (when they come with cash prizes).

Do you want to write well? If so, then take a break. Attend a writing conference.

Even if you already write well, keep attending writing conferences. Take advantage of opportunities to share what you have learned with others through casual conversations or formal presentations. Most of all, enjoy the break that prepares you to write well once again.