Helping Hospitalized Patients and Their Families

Huh_2 Patients_61714

Until last month, I had never stayed overnight in a hospital. I had spent plenty of time in hospitals both as an outpatient and as an employee. Staying with a loved one who was recently admitted to a hospital more than 25 miles from their home gave me new insight on how to help hospitalized […]

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Tending to Our Spirit During Sickness

Holding Hands Over The Bible

A chronic, life-threatening, or major illness affects our soul and spirit as well as our physical body. We may experience a myriad of emotions, struggle to make the right decisions, and think more about what the future holds. Tending to the health of each part of us will contribute to the quality of our life and […]

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Seeing God and Others for Who They Are

Police Officer Holds baby

We often form opinions based on what we hear. Unfortunately, what we hear is not always true. Our opinions or judgments, whether right or wrong, still influence our behavior—but all of that can change. I shied away from police officers in my early years, because I had heard people talk about bad cops. I also […]

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Seeing the Light in a Wintry Season

Although winter can be a joyous time of year, it also brings special challenges—cold weather, dangerous traveling conditions, extra expenses, etc. The holidays can be especially difficult for individuals who have recently endured major losses. Some people suffer from additional health problems such as the flu and seasonal affective disorder (winter blues). You can actually […]

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How to Heal Through Your Words

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression

Has a person ever annoyed you by constantly talking about how someone wronged them? Some people can hardly speak about anything else. Sadly, the pain consumes them. I had experienced a lot of hurt in my life before I realized healing was possible. I used to journal about my pain, which can be therapeutic but […]

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