Get Ready for Change
Michelle Marie Hernandez
September 10, 2016
Get Ready for Change

Blank To Do List with Pencil on Wooden Table

The Lord’s prompting came one day while I was vacuuming my house. “Get things in order for the new season to come.” Suddenly, my “to do” list took on a greater meaning and a sense of urgency.

This was not the first time God had let me know of change on the way. He graciously guides and prepares us for what He has in store. Following are some things for all of us to consider when getting ready:

  • God knows when we are ready. Sometimes we are not as confident in ourselves and need a little push. Staying in our comfort zone where we have conquered the challenges may seem easier. Moving forward requires adjusting to the new and unknown and growing beyond where we are. We may not think we can do it, but God knows we can. 
  • Our assignments must be completed. We may not have as long as we thought to do what God called us to do, and we may not even fully understand our purpose in a particular place until we come to this point on our journey. Getting ready for the new season requires us to finish what was assigned to us in the present season. Understanding and completing our previous assignments will free us to accept the new ones.
  • Key lessons often come in those final moments just before the change. God is teaching us something in every season. Sometimes those key lessons come after a year or two of really hard work. When we finally grasp what God aimed to teach us all along, we become equipped for the next level.

Perhaps you sense a new season on the horizon. This may encompass another position, a move to a different location, or a change in your status (e.g., homeowner, married, parent, etc.). Even if you do not feel quite ready, trust that God knows the perfect time to advance you. Finish the work at hand and learn all you need to before the next season starts.

What do you need to do to get ready for the change that is coming?