What You Need to Sell Yourself as a Speaker
Michelle Marie Hernandez
September 20, 2013
What You Need to Sell Yourself as a Speaker

Sell Yourself Computer Keyboard Red Key Promotion MarketingSomething has been stirring inside you.  Like the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible, you know rest won’t come until you share the message. With the training you’ve had, you may feel comfortable speaking. But how do you market yourself as a speaker so your message is heard?

Here are ten things you need to sell yourself as a professional speaker:

1.     Business card

A business card allows you to provide your contact information to individuals who may consider you for a speaking engagement. Your business card should include your name, phone, email address, website, and a professional headshot.

2.     Professional photos

Part of your service as a speaker is your presence. Since people will recognize your image, professional headshots and full-length photos are essential elements of your marketing materials.

3.     Website

A website serves as your business location—a place that customers can visit to find out about you and your services. Be sure to gear the website toward your targeted audience. Let them know what’s in it for them.

4.     Speaking topics

A list of possible speaking topics will help event planners choose you. While event planners may ask you to customize a message for a particular audience, they will likely choose a topic that you speak on frequently.

5.     Brochure/flyer/one-sheet

Although much of our communication today is electronic, some people still appreciate printed materials. Brochures and flyers are great take-aways for your audiences and handy for meetings and exhibitions where information can be displayed. A one-sheet contains key information about you and your speaking on the front and back of one sheet of paper.

6.     Speaker’s bio

Event organizers typically ask speakers to submit a short biography that will be printed in the program and/or read prior to your presentation. You should also include your bio on your website and in your printed marketing materials.

7.     Audio/video samples

Audio/video samples from previous speaking engagements are a great marketing tool. You can hand or mail these to event planners or make them available on your website.

8.     Testimonials

Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing tools available, especially for speakers. You can secure additional speaking engagements through recommendations from individuals who have heard you speak.

9.     Courage

Speaking is one of people’s greatest fears. Even seasoned speakers still feel jittery at the start of every presentation. The greatest courage, however, is needed to move you out in front of your audience.

10.  A good, well-presented message

If you have a good, well-presented message, people will talk about it, and soon, others will want to hear it, too.

A message is stirring inside of you for a reason. What you have to say will benefit others and reap great rewards, including peace, for you. What do you need to invest in to sell yourself as a speaker?



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  1. Deborah

    Awesome and timely advice. I was hoping to catch you in Taylor last weekend, we are in Houston now:) Hope you are doing well!


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