The Power of a Question

Question mark

Have you ever noticed how powerful a question can be? A question can elicit more than just a response containing helpful information. An inquiry can prompt self-examination and draw out deep things within a person’s heart. Asking also demonstrates respect for people and encourages people to engage. According to the Bible, Jesus often posed questions. […]

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Keeping Family Gatherings Festive

zwei freundinnen haben spa an weihnachten

Festivities often fill the winter holiday season. Families gather to give thanks over a bountiful meal, celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and welcome the New Year. How wonderful it is when excitement and joy permeate the atmosphere! Sometimes, however, we may find ourselves wondering about what’s happening and what we are doing […]

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Our Words Matter

You Can Help Concept

Years ago, my heart broke upon hearing that a relative had spoken unkindly to another member of my family.  I knew how badly those words could damage my loved one’s soul.  I felt completely helpless at the time, so I prayed.  “God, how can I stop this person from saying such hurtful words?”   “You […]

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Living with an Autoimmune Condition

Business girl on autumn walk.

Have you ever heard of someone struggling with an illness? Personally, I consider myself living with an autoimmune condition, rather than struggling with it. I, along with 23.5 million other Americans, face the following common challenges of living with an autoimmune condition: Like many chronic illnesses, an autoimmune condition continues or occurs again and again […]

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Writing No Matter What

female hands with pen writing on notebook on grass outside

If you have ever tried to write, you have likely experienced writer’s block at some point. You may be familiar with some of the internal and external causes of this troubling condition, as well as how to push past them so you can come up with creative ideas, precise words, and original work. But are […]

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How Silence Comforts

Book Cover_His Comfort of Silence

The title of my friend’s book intrigued me: His Comfort of Silence. After all, I had journeyed from a place of silence to one where I use my recovered voice for professional writing and speaking. I wondered how silence could comfort and was delighted that Eriko Nancy Valk, Ph.D., had asked me to edit her manuscript. […]

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Brokenness Isn’t All Bad


“Oh no…the wedding!” The words came out as quickly as I had I fallen on the tile floor in my home. What good could come from a bride breaking her wrist ten days before her wedding? Many assured me that everything would be okay—and they were right. I walked down the aisle just seven days […]

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A Beloved Bride

Fotolia_59322440_XS_Beloved Bride - Cropped

Whether you are single, engaged, or married today, you are a beloved bride if you believe in Christ. The One who is faithful and true has chosen, pursued, and asked you to unite with Him. When you said “yes,” you became His forever. What an incredible bridegroom Christ is! His love is unfailing. What’s more, […]

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A Merry Mouth

Macro close up of perfect teeth.

I know it’s only January, but I already miss hearing “Merry Christmas.” This cheerful greeting brings a smile to people’s faces, even if they are shivering from winter’s cold weather or frustrated from waiting in long lines at a store.  These two simple words remind us that we have an incredible reason to rejoice. I […]

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Letter Writing–Much More Than a Day or a Profession

2014-12-14 03.39.37

Did you know there is a Compliment Day (January 24), an International Joke Day (July 1), and even an Ask a Stupid Question Day (September 28)? Well, I used to ask why we have days for all these random things until recently, when I discovered a day designated for something that mattered to me. December […]

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