Writing for You and Your Audience

Beautiful woman working at home

Do you write in secret? Perhaps you have journaled for as long as you can remember but have never shared your writing with anyone else. Did you know that you can write effectively for both you and an audience? Many individuals write for themselves—and that’s great! Writing can help you remember important information, process difficult […]

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Connecting with Your Audience

Delegates Listening To Speaker At Conference

Congratulations on securing a speaking engagement! Now it’s time to think about your audience. The following suggestions will help you connect with the individuals who need to hear your message. Get to know your audience prior to the event. Are you speaking to just women or men and women? Do some research to find out […]

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The Break that Prepares Writers to Write Well

Write Sign, Love for Writing, for writers and authors.

Writers write all the time, right? No, not all the time. Good writers occasionally put down their pens and step away from their computers. We take breaks to eat, sleep, work—and attend writing conferences. Although conferences draw us away from our writing for a while, they also send us back equipped and inspired to write […]

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Understanding the Purpose of Our Pain

Fotolia_59457755_XS_Hurting Hands - Cropped

Sometimes God reveals the purpose of our pain in what seems to us like expected places. However, those places are not surprises to God. He in fact directs us to certain locations at specific times because He knows where we have been. Although I recently planned a routine visit to Whole Foods, God had something […]

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Helping Hospitalized Patients and Their Families

Huh_2 Patients_61714

Until last month, I had never stayed overnight in a hospital. I had spent plenty of time in hospitals both as an outpatient and as an employee. Staying with a loved one who was recently admitted to a hospital more than 25 miles from their home gave me new insight on how to help hospitalized […]

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Giving Thanks for the Treasure of a Teacher

2014-05-25 23.02.28

I recently attended a retirement celebration in honor of one of my favorite teachers from middle school. What this man taught me in a Czech language class affected my path in life in ways I never imagined. Along this journey, I have come to understand who I am and what God created me to do. […]

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Tending to Our Spirit During Sickness

Holding Hands Over The Bible

A chronic, life-threatening, or major illness affects our soul and spirit as well as our physical body. We may experience a myriad of emotions, struggle to make the right decisions, and think more about what the future holds. Tending to the health of each part of us will contribute to the quality of our life and […]

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Remembering the Fight for Freedom

Memorial Day 2014

Observing special days can remind us of what has happened in the past, as well as guide our efforts now and in the future. On Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. Reflecting on how they bravely fought for freedom can motivate us to […]

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Seeing God and Others for Who They Are

Police Officer Holds baby

We often form opinions based on what we hear. Unfortunately, what we hear is not always true. Our opinions or judgments, whether right or wrong, still influence our behavior—but all of that can change. I shied away from police officers in my early years, because I had heard people talk about bad cops. I also […]

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Mothering by Mentoring

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

We can all appreciate the maternal affection seen early in little girls who love to dress and cuddle their dolls. Many of these girls long to have a baby of their own someday. Once grown, they can fortunately still satisfy the urge to care for someone special—even if motherhood doesn’t come as expected. Women are […]

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