The Power of a Question

Question markHave you ever noticed how powerful a question can be? A question can elicit more than just a response containing helpful information. An inquiry can prompt self-examination and draw out deep things within a person’s heart. Asking also demonstrates respect for people and encourages people to engage.

According to the Bible, Jesus often posed questions. I love when He asked a sick man, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6) The question helped the man see that he had slipped into a place of blame, self-pity, and unbelief. Those inquiring words also awakened the man’s desire to be made well and prompted the step of obedience that led to his healing.

Jesus’ questions have impacted me countless times. They have helped me see the truth and deepened my faith and trust in the Lord. What’s more, they have demonstrated the Lord’s love and respect for me. He guides us into His best, while showing regard for our will to choose.

A dear friend helped me realize how powerful questions can be in our relationships, especially in our marriage. One of my favorite is “What do you think?” This humbly reminds us that our spouse may have a different opinion than us, and that’s okay. We may never know what they truly think unless we ask and given them an opportunity to share. Valuing our spouse and their views allows us to connect and work toward unity.

So what’s your question?

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