Writing No Matter What
Michelle Marie Hernandez
August 4, 2015
Writing No Matter What

If you have ever tried to write, you have likely experienced writer’s block at some point. You may be familiar with some of the internal and external causes of this troubling condition, as well as how to push past them so you can come up with creative ideas, precise words, and original work. But are you just as savvy when it comes to prevailing over other hindrances to your writing?

From time to time, we all face obstacles that make it difficult to write and fulfill other aspects of our calling. Delays, exhaustion, sickness, and shifting seasons are four common hindrances. Below are a few practical ways to overcome them.


Know that the delay will come to an end, and do something else in the meantime. For example, while waiting for a publisher to accept your manuscript, build your audience through blogging and speaking. Trust that God will make up the lost time and enable you to pick up where you left off, as if the delay had always been part of the plan.


Writing requires a tremendous amount of mental energy and focus. Give yourself a break after writing for many hours. Talk with a friend, stretch, or walk to recharge. When you feel too exhausted to write, go to sleep. You can write more when you are rested.


Healing bodies, hearts, and minds is a process that takes time. Use the tools available (e.g., notepads, scribes, speech recognition software, etc.) to help you write when you are not fully functional. Seek God, the ultimate Healer, and hold fast to the guidance and inspiration He gives you. Write the truth—and healing will come to you as well as to all who read your words.

Shifting Seasons

Understand where writing fits in to your destiny, and prioritize assignments accordingly. Dedicate a place and time to write. Write what God gives you in each season.

Today, you may be in a tough spot, experiencing delays, exhaustion, sickness, or a shifting season. Be encouraged. The apostle Paul wrote the majority of the Bible’s New Testament while in prison. With God, you can also write no matter what.


  1. Dawn Hart

    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for your encouraging words. This really speaks to me right now. I am having trouble getting myself focused. Sometimes it seems like there is so much in my heart that I want to share, but nothing comes out when I sit in front of my computer. But I know God has a plan and that I need to trust in His plan not mine. Thank you for your reminder of that here. It really confirmed this for me this morning. Have a Fantastic Day!!

    • Michelle Marie Hernandez

      Hi, Dawn.

      I apologize that it has taken me nearly a month to write a reply to you. I’ve faced all the hindrances above during this time frame. Yet, I am determined to continue writing no matter what. I hope that you have been able to focus and write as well.

      Best regards,