Seeing the Light in a Wintry Season

Although winter can be a joyous time of year, it also brings special challenges—cold weather, dangerous traveling conditions, extra expenses, etc. The holidays can be especially difficult for individuals who have recently endured major losses. Some people suffer from additional health problems such as the flu and seasonal affective disorder (winter blues). You can actually […]

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How to Lead Through Your Communications

Lead by example

Whether you are the head of your household, the manager of a department, a mother of children, or the pastor of a church, you have been entrusted with the privilege and responsibility of leading. Leading doesn’t just mean you have a title and tell others what to do and they listen to you. Leading entails […]

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What You Need to Sell Yourself as a Speaker

Sell Yourself Computer Keyboard Red Key Promotion Marketing

Something has been stirring inside you.  Like the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible, you know rest won’t come until you share the message. With the training you’ve had, you may feel comfortable speaking. But how do you market yourself as a speaker so your message is heard? Here are ten things you need to sell […]

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What to Consider Before Submitting a Grant Proposal

Blank Papers on Desk

If you envision helping others, you probably know that financial support is vital to achieving your dream. Perhaps you desire to provide food for families in need or special educational programs for teens. If you are thinking about submitting a grant proposal for funding, here are seven things to consider. 1.     Have you established a […]

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How to Heal Through Your Words

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression

Has a person ever annoyed you by constantly talking about how someone wronged them? Some people can hardly speak about anything else. Sadly, the pain consumes them. I had experienced a lot of hurt in my life before I realized healing was possible. I used to journal about my pain, which can be therapeutic but […]

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How to Create a Peaceful Home


What a milestone! I wanted to jump up and down after signing the contract to purchase my first home. However, the fear lurking in the back of my mind kept my excitement at bay and my feet on the floor. Would my home be a peaceful place for me and my family? Arguments, outbursts of […]

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