How to Create a Peaceful Home
Michelle Marie Hernandez
September 20, 2013
How to Create a Peaceful Home

peaceWhat a milestone! I wanted to jump up and down after signing the contract to purchase my first home. However, the fear lurking in the back of my mind kept my excitement at bay and my feet on the floor. Would my home be a peaceful place for me and my family?

Arguments, outbursts of anger, and strife can leave a lasting impression, especially on a child. Although I have some good memories of my childhood home, I wouldn’t use peace to describe its atmosphere. The environment awakened my longing for a place of peace, and for many years, I ran in search of a refuge anytime conflict erupted.

Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity as an adult to visit and stay temporarily in other people’s houses. These experiences gave me a vision for a peaceful home. I have always been grateful to the women who helped restore hope in my heart by opening their homes to me.

When I shared the news of my home purchase with one of these ladies, I also told her about my desire for my home to be a peaceful place. Tina Underwood’s written response drove out any trace of doubt and fear, “You carry His peace. I have no doubt your home will be bathed in peace!” That truth set me free to enjoy the blessing of my new home. It also reminded me of what God taught me while I lived in my childhood home for a few years as an adult. The Lord is my dwelling place; when I dwell in Him, He dwells in me. Therefore, God’s peace is within me and goes with me wherever I go.

Shortly after I read Tina’s response, I heard Pastor Joel Osteen’s message about keeping the vision in front of us. Ways that I could turn my home into a living vision book flooded my mind. After the service at Lakewood Church, I practically skipped into Whole Foods to buy my grocery. When I saw a reusable bag with a dove and the word “peace” on it, I knew that was the perfect visual aid for me. The bag reminds me of the tremendous power I have to influence my environment, and in fact, set the tone in my house.

I could carry a lot of things into my new home, but these days I’m carrying peace.

Here are four simple steps you can take to also create a peaceful atmosphere in your home:

  1. Believe that your home can be a peaceful place.
  2. Envision your home as a refuge for you and your family.
  3. Talk about the peace in your home, even if you can’t see it yet.
  4. Carry the peace of God within you and share it with others in your home by avoiding quarrels, forgiving wrongs, letting go of offenses, and seeking reconciliation.



  1. Vanessa

    Michelle, I admire the way you see the world, you see good in the smallest things. Especially the things God sets infront of you, a simple bag with a dove and the word peace can make you create an amazing vision…thank you for sharing, inspiring me to have the same perspective in such small things like this. Peace to you always my lovely friend… 🙂 Vanessa Moran

  2. Michelle Marie Hernandez

    Thank you, Vanessa. God can use anything–even little, ordinary things–to remind us of the truth. I didn’t always see things from this perspective, but renewing my mind with God’s Word in the Bible has changed everything, including my outlook on life. I feel privileged to share words, both in writing and through speaking, that inspire others.