How to Heal Through Your Words
Michelle Marie Hernandez
September 20, 2013
How to Heal Through Your Words

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With DepressionHas a person ever annoyed you by constantly talking about how someone wronged them? Some people can hardly speak about anything else. Sadly, the pain consumes them.

I had experienced a lot of hurt in my life before I realized healing was possible. I used to journal about my pain, which can be therapeutic but not something I or others would want to read. The words in my early journals probably resemble those coming from the person who can’t quit talking about their pain. “He said this to hurt me. She wronged me in this way. I wish that had never happened to me.”

Personal knowledge of God as my healer took me beyond saying, “I’m hurting because….” I discovered that He can heal every hurt, no matter what it is or how long ago it happened. Psalm 107:20 says, “He [the Lord] sent out His word and healed them.”

God sent His Son, Jesus—the healing Word—into the world. Since Jesus ascended into heaven to be with His father, those who believe in Him are commissioned to be not only His hands and His feet but also His voice on this earth. We are called to convey God’s healing Word.

God pours out His healing on us, so we can pour out His healing on others. You might be thinking, “I’m not a counselor, doctor, or nurse. How can I heal?” The very words you speak can bring healing into your life and into the lives of others.

Rather than silently criticize yourself the next time you make a mistake, whisper, “It’s okay.” Reassure a co-worker who feels like a burden by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to help them. When you encounter a family member who is facing an ongoing challenge, share stories of how God changed difficult situations in your life. If you encounter someone who is sad, brighten their day with a nice greeting or a compliment.

Knowing that you can also pour out healing through your words, what will you say next?


  1. Nicholas

    Indeed, Jesus DOES heal every wound. As someone who has experienced a lot of pain myself, I find great comfort in knowing that He is always by my side.

  2. Vanessa

    Amen! I totally agree, Jesus was send to deliver and heal us from every pain we can ever experience…but how can you continue to help someone that chooses not to let go!?
    I Experience pain myself for many years, but when God found me I took his hand and let go of every hurt I had been feeling for years and for years after God took me I asked him to keep my heart free of pain, because the lightness I feel in my heart is worth keeping. The heavyness that I had was more painful than what I had been through. (I’m never going back!!)

    • Michelle Marie Hernandez

      Vanessa, I think back to the healing words you and I both heard at the Lakewood Church Women’s Encounter in 2009–what a gift! God has also bought such healing and freedom to my heart through His words in the Bible. How wonderful that you and I can now share words that help bring healing to others!