(OLD) Healing Resources

Healing One Step at a Time: A Bible Study for Women on their Healing Journey

Healing One Step at a Time Bible Study

Are you struggling with disappointment, emotional pain, or physical illness? Do you need hope, healing, and refreshment? If so, join others in this Bible study. You will find encouragement and strength to move forward on your journey to health and wholeness—one step at a time.

Note: Each Bible study class includes a 45-minute teaching. An additional 45 minutes is recommended for discussion and prayer. The study may be held on a weekly or monthly basis. In-person and online options are available.


Come Recline at the Table: A Creative Encounter


Have the cares of this world weighed you down? Do you feel weak, weary, or wounded? Perhaps, you desire a deeper relationship with the Lord, increased faith, and renewed strength. If so, this creative encounter will refresh your body, soul, and spirit. Come feast on God’s Word, good food, inspiring activities, and lasting communication.

Note: This encounter lasts 4 hours.


Beloved, You Are Beautiful: An Uplifting Encounter

Do you ever feel flawed? If you want to run and hide when compared with others, don’t. You are unique—made to be different. Discover the freedom in being you, so you can go forth and be who you are—beautiful.

Note: This encounter lasts 3 hours.


Book Recommendations

Captive No More: Getting Over You So You Can Go On With God*
by Tina Underwood

His Comfort of Silence: My Journey to Recovery from Emotional Pain*
by Eriko N. Valk

Live Well With Chronic Pain: A Guide to Taking the First Steps
by Liza H. Leal, M.D.

Lord, Make Me Whole: Healing From the Inside Out*
by Joan E. Murray

Never Quit Until You Win: A Journey of Faith and Medicine
by Louis West

You Can’t Eat Love: How Learning to Love Yourself Can Change Your Relationship with Food*
by Leslie Lindsey Davis
Michelle Marie Hernandez’s Review of You Can’t Eat Love [PDF]

*As a professional writer and editor, I have had the privilege of working with the authors to help edit these books.