Fight For, Not Against, Each Other

Love - romantic couple holding hands, beach sunset

No matter how mature, we all face conflicts in our relationship with our spouse or someone else we love. Our level of maturity does affect how we handle the conflict. With God’s help, we can fight for—not against—each other. The following suggestions urge us to fight in an honorable way. Keep Talking For many people, […]

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Shattering Lies with Simple Yet Powerful Words

you matter

A nudge can tip over a glass object and cause it to shatter into pieces—simple yet powerful words can do the same thing to lies. This is what happened recently when a friend texted me while I was undergoing a spiritual battle. His words, “You do matter,” broke the lie of insignificance. Regardless of how […]

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What to Do When You Think You’ve Done Everything

portrait of woman praying

 I recently considered giving up in a situation, but God gave me hope to press on. I had felt frustrated with certain things not working out and wondered if the circumstances would ever change. I finally said out loud, “I have done everything; there is nothing more I can do.” Immediately afterwards, the Holy Spirit […]

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How to Grow Closer Through Conflict

Although no one looks forward to conflict, we can prepare to handle it well when it comes. As a result, we can also grow individually and in our relationships with others. The following Biblically-based action steps helped me and may also help you resolve conflict in a way that promotes personal growth and intimacy in […]

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How to Create a Peaceful Home


What a milestone! I wanted to jump up and down after signing the contract to purchase my first home. However, the fear lurking in the back of my mind kept my excitement at bay and my feet on the floor. Would my home be a peaceful place for me and my family? Arguments, outbursts of […]

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